Everything About Maxillofacial Surgeon

A maxillofacial surgeon is a dental expert who has finished a residency in maxillofacial and oral surgery; The residency means specialized training that a medical doctor or s dentist receives after finishing dental school. A maxillofacial surgeon receives three types of training; pathology, anesthesia, and general surgery. These types of surgeons can treat patients in any setting; hospitals, office, outpatient setting, and surgical centers.

What Breast Revision Surgery helps correct?

Breast revision surgery, as the name suggest, is for the revision of any previous breast surgery performed, specially implants.

In the breast revision surgery, the breast implants are either modified, replaced or removed depending upon the patients requirements.

The surgical procedure helps in correcting any abnormally shaped breasts due to previous breast implants or to take care of any complication due to the implant.

Implant revision is also performed to fix any asymmetry between right and left breast, followed by breast augmentation.

Who is the candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

People having a previous breast augmentation surgery, but resulting in any of the complications are required to undergo a breast revision surgery. Situations where breast revision surgery can be helpful include:

– Incorrect implant placement or position
– Issues related to patients tissue characteristics not matching with implant
– Issues with implants themselves
– Asymmetrical implants
– Implants positions too high or too low
– Synmastia or any other implant position related issue
– Issues with nipple shape and placement
– Areolas asymmetry and disproportionate size
– Deflation of implant itself