Root Canal and Infection

The root canal is a dental surgery, which requires serious efforts in regards to preventing infection. You can prevent infection by following diet recommendations, taking suggested antibiotics, and keeping no or little pressure on the affected tooth. To help reduce pain, you may need pain killers (anti inflammatory drugs). The painkillers or anti inflammatory medications will be prescribed pre and pro root canal. Keep in mind that the root canal procedure is a process of elimination the infected tooth, which mean there is already an infection in the tooth and you have to follow complete guidelines after the root canal to prevent further infection.

Prevent Licking or Touching

A root canal will not be painful due to the painkillers and anesthetic effects; however, it can be uncomfortable in a few cases. A completed root canal will normally have a delicate or an unpleasant spot on either the side or top of the tooth, where the dental surgeon places the instrument. The most important part in avoiding the infection is to prevent licking or contacting the spot, as this will enable more bacteria and further problems. A small pustule can also be developed on the gum line, in a few cases. However, this will heal itself in a couple of days.

Foods to Avoid

You will also be given a diet plan to follow and a few foods should be avoided after a root canal to help prevent the bacterial infection. Sugary soda, Sticky candy, and chewing gum should be completely avoided after the root canal procedure. Refined white flour foods are also not suggested and should be avoided as they can problem the healing process by keeping the bacteria. Do not worry, there are only a few restrictions which can be easily followed by any person.

Dental Crown

Completed root canals need a crown to keep the damaged tooth from breaking or cracking. The crown making procedure will be followed where the dentist will take the impression of your tooth, making a crown; however, he will place a temporary crown until the actual one is not made. Most of the times, infection causes due to food particles; that is why it is always recommended to consume food from the opposite side of the root canal.


Antibiotics prescription is common after the root canal procedure, due to the fact that the infection can happen even with precautionary measure. The antibiotics will be prescribed for recovery period only and food not be consumed after that; even if you have left overs.