Should you consider breast augmentation?

Getting breast augmentation can be risky business and you need to make sure that it is safe. There are two types of implants, saline and silicone. Saline is filled with saline or sterile salt water, silicon is filled with silicone gel. People suggest that there could be many disorders that could be caused if you would use implants. So which one is regarded as a safer treatment? Well each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to figure out which one would suit you best.

A rupture is a risk for both implants. It can be a surgical error or a fall. It is essential that wherever you wish to take the treatment from, make sure it is a reliable place. Saline ruptures are easy to spot as it changes the shape and can be noticed fairly early. Silicone ruptures are tricky as the fluid doesn’t come out and stays inside the body causing infections. Silicone treatment has been preferred by many as it feels real compared to saline. It has real breast tissue and does not affect the skin.

There is a lot of cost involved in implants. There are many things to look out for if you are considering implants because of the uncertainty. Over the course of time, implants have to be replaced and it is costly to replace and possibly have another surgery. As time goes on the implants may have altered the skin or the nerves and you might need another surgery to make sure the new implants will be safely placed. There is also the issue that you cannot reverse the process. If you decide to remove the implants, your breasts will not stay the same size as it alters the tissue inside, thus changing its structure over time.

Studies have shown that women with implants have been related to more alcohol and drug abuse along with suicides. Although the reasons for the cause are not directly related to the implants, studies suggest that the implants have a small minor psychological factor to play in. other issues such as bleeding and failure to breastfeed is also common amongst women with implants. The breasts can stop producing milk which is severe if you just have a baby or are planning to have one.

In conclusion, getting implants for augmentation or reconstructing is still very risky as it comes with a lot of collateral damage. It can be very risky for the above reasons and it is very uncommon to go without a problem arising. However if you do decide on it, then make sure it is with a reliable and trustworthy doctor.