Should you consider facelift?

As you grow older, the skin on your face does as well. Whether it is from stress, exposure to the sun or just wrinkles, the effects are often reflected on the skin of your face. Facelift is a procedure that does not exactly revert you back to a younger age, but rather it can slow down the process by removing excess fat and muscles while also cleaning the face of your skin to make it look much younger.

Now that you know what a facelift is, who are the candidates that can apply for this procedure? Well, the first thing you should take in to consideration is your age. Anywhere from 40 to 60 is fine but only as long as your skin starts to sag or has visible defects that is usually not normal for you to have. Keep in mind that a facelift can make you look younger and fresher, while also boosting your self confidence, but it cannot give you a totally new look or make you healthier.

Complications can arise even if the procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon. This is mostly because it depends on the person and how they would react to certain prospects of the procedure. The outcome is never predictable as there may be some temporary infection picked up, or the healing abilities are slower than expected. Surgeons have to remove blood from under the skin and there can be collateral damage to the nerves which is usually temporary but can be dangerous.

A facelift takes several hours or longer. It depends on what type of surgeon you might have. Some surgeons like to do one side at a time and some like to do both and go back and forth. Some surgeons even have 2 procedures where they do one operation on one day and then complete it on the next day. It depends on the structure of your face. Your doctor usually will tell you how the procedure will go, explaining all the details of your face and how long it would take.

After the surgery, there is usually less cases of discomfort which can be reduced with pain medication. Your face will take about two to three days to heal up and your doctor will also require you to keep your head elevated. If your doctor puts a drainage pipe in, then that will be removed after 3-4 days after the surgery.

Overall facelift should be considered only if you are of age and want to look a bit younger than you are. Noting that the facelift procedure can have complications and even if the surgery is successful, it will not give you a totally new look or make you healthier.